Episode 1
Taxi for Linda

by Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope
Starring Julie Hesmondhalgh, John Thomson, Shane Richie

Working at the same taxi rank, Linda and Frank are colleagues, confidantes and friends. And that’s all they are… at least for Linda. Frank, on the other hand, could not love her more. But he can’t tell her. Well, he could but he can never find the courage. Every moment he tries, the words just stick in his mouth. When new driver Terry turns up, Frank’s chance seems to have passed. As Terry and Linda begin a relationship, Frank is left on his own. Linda thinks the world of Terry but in Frank’s opinion something isn’t right with him. Perhaps this is just a bit of jealousy? But Frank finds out that Terry has been spending a long time “dropping off” certain customers. When he confronts him he finds out something much worse… That Terry only began the relationship so he could borrow Linda’s car after his was repossessed. Frank is left with the prospect of having to tell the woman he loves something that will break her heart.

Directed by Noreen Kershaw


Episode 2

by Nick Leather
Starring Paul Copley, Eve Myles

When septuagenarian Ronnie is told he can’t drive anymore, it is his worst nightmare. He loses his freedom and his connection to the life he once led. But when he finds that next-door neighbour Helen has never taken her test, he offers to teach her for free if she will help him with his weekly trips to the shops and to church. Previously strangers to one another, Ronnie begins to suspect that Helen is being abused by her new partner Tony. And he takes it upon himself to try and help, despite Helen’s vehement pleas to mind his own business.

Directed by Paul McGann

Episode 3

by Shaun Duggan
Starring Emma Fryer, Imogen King

When Hayley’s 16 yr old daughter Ruby comes flying in from school one day in tears, Hayley presumes it is just another teenage drama. It is up to Hayley’s friend Mel to say that the situation is rather more serious. It seems that an intimate photograph allegedly of Ruby and her ex-boyfriend Stephen has been uploaded onto a website and gone viral. With all things technological slightly over her head and Ruby claiming the picture isn’t her, Hayley doesn’t know what to do. She tries the police, the school, and speaking to the Stephen’s parents. However, in doing so she finds that her daughter might not be the picture of innocence Hayley always thought she was.


Directed by Julia Ford


Episode 4

by Colette Kane
Starring Katherine Rose Morley, Steve Evets

Angela loves her boyfriend Danny but the worst thing he could do is ask her to marry him. She has to say no. Angela cares for her alcoholic dad. She cooks for him, she cleans for him, she does everything. He’s the only parent she has since her mother passed away – what else can she do? But their relationship is dysfunctional. When an accident leads to Mick needing to live with her and faced with the prospect of losing a heart-broken Danny, she has to confront her father’s problems and her own.


Directed by David Whitney


Episode 5

by Arthur Ellison & Megan Ellison
Starring Will Ash, Chris Coghill, Rebecca Callard

John has always hated confrontation. So when the builders at the bottom of his road need to work on the Sunday his wife Sarah had asked her parents round. She asks him to have a word, his worst nightmare. Inevitably he mismanages the situation. And when he walks back to his house and sees a scratch down the side of his car, he knows it must be the skip driver he saw earlier. But he swallows his complaint and heads back inside. He didn’t count on his confrontational brother Darren seeing the scratch and going on the warpath. As Darren says all the things John is too scared to say. That is until things begin escalating far quicker than John could have ever imagined.


Directed by Reece Dinsdale

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