The Shrine

Episode 1
The Shrine

by Karen Brown
Starring Matthew Kelly, Barbara Flynn, Sally Carman and Steve Evets

John and Carol’s house has been on the market for months but when a man is fatally run over outside their house they try to be sensitive to the mourners creating a shrine outside. But as time passes and the shrine encroaches ever further into their lives, they resort to desperate measures to get their life back.

Visiting Orders

Episode 2
Visiting Order

by Colette Kane
Starring Marian Saastad Ottesen, Rob James Collier and Bjarne Henriksen

Liv is a single mum with a lot on her plate; two kids, a busy job, university studies – and a demanding Dad who’s been in prison since the kids were little. Liv feels ashamed of her background, and works hard to ensure that no-one knows about it. When romance blossoms with teacher Aidan, Liv finally has the opportunity of happiness – but will her shame about her Dad allow her to take it?

Friends Like These

Episode 3
Friends Like These

by Shaun Duggan
Starring Gillian Kearney, Natasha Little and Rachel Leskovac

Danielle’s a haphazard kind of mum but all the kids love her; she’s funny, kind – and a complete pushover. When Sonia, a new mum at her kids’ school befriends her, Danielle’s grateful for the support – and the generous gifts Sonia gives her. But when Sonia starts to get a little intense, Danielle’s driven to ever more extreme – and comical – lengths to avoid her.

Blood Ties

Episode 4
Blood Ties

by Arthur Ellison
Starring Paul McGann and Jack Shepherd

When Phil’s Dad Charlie falls down the stairs, Phil knows he’s going to have to help out more. But Charlie’s the most stubborn patient you could meet, and the pressure of his daily care, along with a demanding job, soon begin to take their toll on Phil, resulting in a devastating accident.

Thats Amore

Episode 5
That’s Amore

by Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope
Starring Jason Manford and Rebekah Staton

Gary’s distraught when wife Lisa suddenly announces that she wants a divorce; he thought they were happy, but Lisa wants more from life. Unable to move out, and unable to sell their house, Gary and Lisa become the flat mates from hell – and that’s before they start bringing dates home.

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